Welcome to steam-toys.com!

This site started off as my personal page to display my collection of mainly British toy steam engines from manufacturers like Mamod, Bowman, S.E.L.
You can find all these engines and the restoration jobs I've done on the by clicking the "my collection" button on the left.

Over the last few years I've also created a probably even more interesting feature on the site, which I've called the "steam index". It consists of a database in which information about steam toys that have been sold (or are for sale) on auction sites like eBay is stored. In it is now information about a few thousand auctions and there are thousands of pictured stored in it. You can visit the steam index by clicking the login button on the left and register for a (free) account.


Recent updates:
13-06-2011 - Bowman M180
28-08-2010 - Mamod SP5
10-08-2010 - Bowman of Luton PW203
24-03-2010 - S.E.L. 1530 - Junior
29-01-2010 - Bowman M140
Recent additions:
19-06-2011 - Ab Algra John Ericcson
15-06-2011 - Mamod SE1
14-06-2011 - Mamod SE1
10-10-2010 - Bowman M180
27-02-2010 - Mamod SE1
Recently ended auctions in steam index:
05-12-2014 - Bowman 234 express locomotive
21-05-2014 - Mamod SE1A
04-04-2014 - Wilesco D5
20-03-2014 - Mamod MEC 1
13-03-2014 - Mamod MEC 1
Soon ending auctions in steam index: