General information about model Mamod SE3

The mamod SE3 was one of the largest engines in the mamod range. The engine was introduced in 1936 under the hobbies label. At that time it was a single cylinder engine with a flat base, a geared countershaft and a solid brass flywheel. In 1937 the engine was also sold with the Mamod label on it, and a whistle was added. The model was discontinued in 1940 due to the second world war.

In 1957 the model was reintroduced, but it was a lot differend from the original SE3. The engine got a raised base, twin cyclinders, vaporising burner and a detachable chimney. Through the years this model got several small changes. The wistle was replaced by a spring lever whistle and eventually the engine got a sight glass and a solid furl burner. In 1979 the model was discontinued to be replaced by the SP5 model.

Mamod SE3

I've bought this mamod SE3 on the UK ebay for GBP 36.00. This is one of the nicest Mamod engines. It has two oscilating cyclinders:

The engine was in a not too bad condition. Some paint was missing, and it needed a good clean. This was the condition when it arrived:

The decal/transfer was in perfect condition:

The engine ran fine, this one can go very fast, and makes a healthy noise. After a cleanup the engine looked like this:

Notice that the burner I got with it is actualy a bit too small, probably from another engine. I am still considering repainting this engine, the firebox looks quite bad on one side:

Update 12-08-2006

Today I've finished restoration work on this engine. It took me a few weeks to get everything right, but now the baseplate and the firebox are resprayed and all the brass parts are cleaned and polished with brasso wadding. The engine now looks like this:

One thing I had to change is the way the engine frame was attached to the baseplate. Originally they used eyelets, but finding them in this size was really hard. Eventually I decided to use a nut and bolt construction:
SE3 nut & bolt construction
SE3 nut & bolt construction

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to try and find eyelets to replace them eventually, or that I'm going to leave it like this. This way maintenance to the engine is a bit easyer.

Update 29-12-2006

Added a movie of the SE3 running for the first time after the restoration, you can find it on the left, it's called "3 steam engines"