Mamod TE1A

The Mamod TE1A was the first rolling model I got. I bought it of the UK ebay for 43 GBP. The engine was in quite good condition when I got it, it only was very dirty.


There are only two things I have to fix, the flywheel moves freely over the crankshaft, I'll have to glue it on, or give tin foil a try. The engine doesn't ride yet, because the driving band is to tight, I'll have to get a spare for that.

The engine is missing some chips of paint, like you can see on the picture below.

I'll probably leave it that way, because it's no big deal. Besides, where would you find green heat resistant paint?

One more thing I'll have to do is get a new steering rod, someone seems to have done something wrong with this one:


Update 19-07-2006
In the last few days I gave some parts of the TE1A a repaint. I've sprayed the back wheels and the flywheel. These parts where already touched up sometime, so it was no problem to redo them. They weren't looking very bad before, but I also wanted to do this as a experiment, to see if it was difficult to spray wheels. The job turned out quite good, the wheels look like they are brand new :)
TE1A after repaint
TE1A after repaint

Update 11-02-2007

This engine is no longer in my collection sice I sold it.