General information about model Mamod Minor 1

The minor 1 was the smalest engine produced by Mamod made. It was introduced in 1939. The Minor 1 was the cheapest engine in the Mamod range. Through the year the engine had several changes. It started as a flat base engine with a wick burner and disc flywheel, Through the years the engine evolved, It got a raised base, a solid fuel burner and a spoked flywheel along with some other smal changes. The Minor 1 was discontinued in march 1979 when it was replaced by the SP1. These engines are quite often to be seen at ebay, and can be picked up for quite reasonable prices, depending on the production period and condition.

Mamod Minor 1

I bought this engine on the UK ebay as a lot of three engines

This page is about the engine on the right. This is the oldest of the three engines. It's supposed to have a wick burner, while the other two are for solid fuel or meths burners.

The engine was in pretty good condition, the only thing missing some paint is the baseplate:
Minor 1 baseplate
Minor 1 baseplate

I might repaint that some day. The engine runs fine, and after a cleanup it looked like this: