General information about model Bowman M122

The M122 was together with the M101 engine the largest engine made by Bowman. While the M101 is a single cylinder engine, this engine is a double cylinder oscilation engine. The boiler is smaller in diameter, but larger in length than the M101 boiler. the cylinders are enclosed by brass covers which make them look a lot bigger than they actually are.

Bowman M122

Ever since I saw Bowmans for the first time on the pages of Mooseman I knew I wanted one some day. And if I could have a choice, I would go for the M122 or the M101.

When a bowman m122 in quite good condition showed up on ebay, I finally had the chance of getting one. With my maximum bid of 155 GBP I won the auction, and finally had my first Bowman engine.

It's a very nice engine, and quite powerful too. In the ad from the 1930's it's advertised as being able to lift 122lbs, which is 50.8kg.

You don't stop the gear wheel easily when the engine is running, it's quite powerful. When I got the engine it was in quite good shape. The only thing missing where the levers on the drip feed lubricators, so I'll probably have to get new ones for that. The flexible tube to the chimney was broken, so I'll have to fix that too. Furthermore it only needs a good clean.

On the image below you see the Bowman decal which is still in very good shape:
Bowman decal
Bowman decal

On this image you see the drip feed lubricators:
Drip feed lubricators
Drip feed lubricators

Update 26-06-2007
When I got this engine it was in quite good shape, but it needed a good cleanup. After quite some polishing (this engine has such a lot of small parts) it now looks like this: The tubing to the chimney was missing, i've now replaced it with a piece of Heat shrink tubing. It doesn't look too great, but it does what it should do.