Mamod SE2

I bought this engine at ebay for £21.00 in january 2008. I bought it from the same person I bough the SE1 and SP5 from. As you can see it's in quite a bad condition, I'm not yet sure if i'm going to repair it, or use it for spares.

One thing that's wrong with this engine is that it's whistle tread is quite badly damaged, there's a big bolt in there:

Update 26-01-2010

A while ago I decided to restore this engine rather than use it for spares. I was able to source another engine pretty cheaply that I could use for spares:

This was a SE1 from the same time period, since I already had a SE1 like that, I decided to use the spares rather than restore that SE1. The pipework and engine block on it where exactly the same as on the SE2 and I was also able to use the flywheel and water level plus, which where in quite a better state than the ones on the SE2.

The first thing I did was the paintwork, I painted both baseplate's, fireboxes, and engine frames so I could later pick out the one that came out best, and keep the other one as a future spare.

For the engine frames I had to find "mamod green" paint, which I never had to use before. Finding this paint was quite a challenge. I eventually found a shop in Nieuwegein that could mix spray paint to a exactly matching color. The engine frames came out pretty good:

Since there was a big ugly screw in the place where the whistle tread should be, I had to solder open the boiler to solder a new insert into there. Mamod forum member MamodFan was kind enough to provide me with a excelent replacement.

After soldering in the insert and soldering the boiler shut again, it looked pretty nice:

So after that I just had to assemble everything, The end result is pretty pleasing: