General information about model Mamod SE1

The mamod SE1 was first inroduced in 1936 as a Hobbies single cylinder engine with a flat base and a solid brass flywheel. It was a big smaller than the SE2 and a bit cheaper. Through the years the model got a raised base and the base mounted chimney was replaced by a boiler mounted chimney.In 1969 the model was renamed SE1A and got some modifications like a smaller safety valve.

In 1979 the model was discontinued.

Mamod SE1
I bough this SE1 in january 2008 for 19.00 on ebay. I bought it from the same person I goth this SE2 and SP5 from. It does need a bit of work, the cylinder and piston are missing, I might go and use them from the SE2. It will also need some soldering because the pipe between the boiler and the cylinderblock is loose and the water level plug tread is leaking a bit.
Update 26-07-2008
I've started the restoration job of this engine. It's just a basic restoration job, just strip down, repaint and polish, and a very little bit of solder. This is what the engine looked like before I started:
SE 1
SE 1

And this is what it looks like in pieces:
SE1 in pieces
SE1 in pieces

As you can see, the engin nog does have a piston and cylinder, I've used the ones that where on this SE2, that I'm not yet sure of what I'm going to do with. I will post a update as soon as there's any progres.
Update 05-02-2009
Restoration of this engine is almost done now. All parts have been repainted and the overflow plug tread has been resoldered. This is the result:

Only thing that needs to be done is replacing the rusty boiler strap