General information about model Bowman M140

The bowman M140 is one of the medium sized Bowman engines. It's a 2 cylinder engine with a geared countershaft with heavy brass flywheels. A steam dome is hidden uderneath the chimney, this steam dome makes it possible for the steam pipe to exit the boiler in the middle.

Bowman M140

I wasn't really lookint for this engine whan it came up on ebay, but is was in the kind of condition I liked, it was in need of a full restoration. I bought the engine for about £ 60, which is quite a reasonable price for it.

The engine needs some work, the base should be red, and there is some solder aound the steam pipe that needs cleaning up.

Below you see a close-up of the engine block

That'll need a cleanup too. I got the burner with the engine too, but it's missing it's burner tube, but that shouldn't be too difficult to repair.

Update 29-01-2010

I've recently finished the restoration of this engine. At first I thougt I wouldn't have to do any soldering work on the engine, but while removing the chimney, the solder around the steam dome broke off, so I had to solder anyway. I also had to resolder the steam pipe at the same time, since the boiler was getting so hot during the soldering operation that the solder there was melting too. After the soldering job, it looked like this:

It looks pretty nasty, but that's easily cleaned up.
I also soldered a new burner tube into the burner, and after that finished it of with some filler and a new coat of paint. Below you see waht it looked like before I painted it.

The baseplate, firebox and boiler strap where also painted, and after a lot more polishing, it came out like this:

I'm quite pleased with the result.