S.E.L. 1530 - Junior

The S.E.L Junior was my first S.E.L. engine (And at the moment I'm writing this, it's my only S.E.L. engine.)

This is quite a small engine, but a very lovely one. It's in a reasonable state, it's all comlete, with burner and box. The paintwork needs some attention, I will probably repaint the base and the firebox, the picture below shows that it's missing quite some paint on the firebox.

Besides the paint, there's also a nasty dent in the faceplate of the boiler, I will have to see if I can get that out.


Update 24-03-2010

I've finished the restoration of this engine. First off I decided to take apart the boiler, there was a dent in the faceplate of the boiler that needed some attention.

I used the contraption below to secure the boiler while desoldering the facepate:

On the image below you can see the facepate, I placed a matchstick on it to reveil the dent:

I was able to get the dent out with a special kind of hammer. While working on it, I also had to resolder the water lever plug tread, since that got loose. After resoldering it, it looked like this:

After the boiler was done, I had to work on the metal parts of the engine. I wanted to repaint the basepate and firebox, but for both I had to et special paint.

The firebox required crincle paint, which I found out VHT sells. For the baseplate I had paint mixed to a exact match.

The crincle paint wasn't much of a succes, it just didn't wrikle a lot. After all the painting was don, I was able to re-assemble it, the end result looked pretty nice: