General information about model Mamod SE1

The mamod SE1 was first inroduced in 1936 as a Hobbies single cylinder engine with a flat base and a solid brass flywheel. It was a big smaller than the SE2 and a bit cheaper. Through the years the model got a raised base and the base mounted chimney was replaced by a boiler mounted chimney.In 1969 the model was renamed SE1A and got some modifications like a smaller safety valve.

In 1979 the model was discontinued.

Mamod SE1

I was able to but this engine on the dutch website I paid 120 euro for it, and with that there was even a flatbase flineshaft included.

The enginge has a unusual boiler, there's only one end cap, and that's not in the traditional mamod style either.

The engine is in need of a full restoration, for one or another reason, there's no paint left on the baseplate at all.

There's also some soldering work to clean up, the union nut is soldered onto it