Bowman M180

I was able to buy this M180 for only £45.00 in the autumn of 2010. The price is in any respect a bargain, eventhough the condition of the engine is not that good.

The engine is missing the safaty valve, the water level plug and also the insert for the water level plug. The chimney looks like it's been cut down to size and underneath the steam dome, there's a small dent.

All in all a nice restoration project.

Update 13-06-2011

I've finished the restoration of this engine. Looking at the "before" images, it leaves no doubt that a full restoration was in order. I also needed a new water lever plug, water level plug insert and a safety valve. Luckily I was able to source those from

I started the restoration with the spraying of the baseplate. The baseplate was quite pitted, I even had to drill out the screws, because they where totally corroded into the baseplate.

I first just sprayed it, but the pitting was still very much visible, so I decided to use filler on it. I had never used it before, and soon learned that the less you put on, the less you have to sand of. I of course used quite a bit too much, so I had to spend quite some time on sanding.

After sanding, I gave it a coat of primer, and a few coats of red and clear lacquer. Its still not 100% flat, but quite good for a first attempt at using filler I suppose.

The boiler also needed work, the steam dome came off and it needed a new water level plug tread that I was able to get through manor models. Here it's opened up

I actually had top open the boiler up twice. After I was done with the restoration, I found out the safety valve tread was leaking, and the steam outlet was blocked by a tiny piece of paper in the steam dome.

After the soldering was done, I started work on the chimney, because the one that was with it was not original I decided to create a new one out of a piece of tube.

On the left is the chimney I got with it, and on the right the 2 chimney's I made (I had a piece of tube of 30cm, so I decided to make 2, so I could pick the best one). To create the top part of the chimney, I used a trick I once saw performed on the mamod forum:

After paint, the chimney now looked like this:

After polishing & painting all the small parts (I painted the flywheel twice, because I dropped it), all was ready for assembly.

Here is the final result: