General information about model Mamod SE1

The mamod SE1 was first inroduced in 1936 as a Hobbies single cylinder engine with a flat base and a solid brass flywheel. It was a big smaller than the SE2 and a bit cheaper. Through the years the model got a raised base and the base mounted chimney was replaced by a boiler mounted chimney.In 1969 the model was renamed SE1A and got some modifications like a smaller safety valve.

In 1979 the model was discontinued.

Mamod SE1

I was looking for a mazac flywheeld flatbase SE1 for quite a while already when this one came up for sale by Tom/Reckless_Engineer on the Mamod forum. I didn't have to think about it for a long time, because the £ 50 he wanted for is was very reasonable.

Th engine looked lik this when I got it:

The engine was restored, and in a very proper way I must say! the only thing I was not satisfied with was the boiler, I wanted it to be a bit more shiny. After sanding it down with some wet & dry paper and a Brasso treatment, it now looks like this: