Ab Algra John Ericcson

For a while I already had a john ericsson engine in my collection, but when a unused example turned up on the dutch site "marktplaats", I couldn't resist to buy it. I had to buy it in a package deal, wich included another John Ericsson engine, so all of a suden I had three of them :)

I would have posted a image of all three of them together, but sadly the memory card with that photo on it became corupted.

After selling two os them on ebay, I'm now left with this beatiful example:

This engine is very well thought throug, and probably one of the safest steam engines around. The burner tray is hidding under the boiler and becomes visible with a clever system.

The boiler is actually a traditional boiler, hidding inside a hemisperical housing.

The engine also had large handles to move it around and sucktion cups to keep it in place while running.
There's also a reverse / speed control handle with 5 differend settings:

all in all a very nice machine, wich will remain unused as long as it's mine.